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Change Process and Models

Change Process and Models

Organizational change is not likely to happen organically. Usually, it is caused by an external event or change which triggers internal shifts in one or more levels of the organization. Change may come about for various reasons. It may be that an organization needs to change in order to grow, improve, or be more successful. There are a variety of change process theories, frameworks, and practices that explain organizational change. Leaders can use the theories, frameworks, and practices to facilitate change in an organization and produce desired outcomes. Leaders must be able to assess which process theory, framework, or practice is appropriate to facilitate change successfully.

To prepare for this assignment:

?Review Chapter 8 in Organization Change: Theory and Practice. Pay attention to theories and frameworks for understanding organizational change.

?Review Chapter 40 in Leading Organizations: Perspectives for a New Era, focusing on the practices that organizations use to lead change.

?Call to mind the organization you used in this week?s Discussion. (The Human Rights Campaign) Think about the change it experienced.

?Consider how the process theories, frameworks, or practices you learned about might apply to the change in this particular organization.

The assignment (2?3 pages):

?Briefly describe the organization you selected and the change that occurred in the organization.

?Explain the change using three or more of the change process theories, frameworks, or practices. Provide specific examples.

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