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Assignment Questions

Changing Society

I will need following essays for college application. There are 4 separate questions that need to be answered. Please answer one page per question.
You can also incorporate your own creative and research ideas into making a strong personal statement essay.

1) What unique aspect of Lehigh most interests you?

2) People face challenges every day. Some make decisions that force them beyond their comfort levels. Maybe you have a political, social or cultural viewpoint that is not shared by the rest of your school, family or community. Did you find the courage to create a better opportunity for yourself or others? Were you able to find the voice to stand up for something you passionately supported? How did you persevere when the odds were against you?

3) If you founded your own college or university, what topic of study would you make mandatory for all students to study and why? What would be the values and priorities of your institution and why?

4) In our ever-changing society, people have defined “equity” and “community” in many different ways. How do you define these terms and what are the implications of equity and community for our 21st century society?

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