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Assignment Questions

Character analysis of Paul in “Paul’s Case.”

Using the following readings, write an essay on one of the following:

1. A character analysis of Paul in “Paul’s Case.”

2. A character analysis of the young boy in “Araby.”

Format: MLA Format.


Thesis/central focus: Locate this in your 1st paragraph. It should contain a key word that is used throughout your essay. In your Introduction (1st paragraph) you should also include the story’s and or essay’s name and their respective author(s) — plus a brief “summary” of each selection.

Development: Use Key Word(s) to unify your essay. Remember, an Analysis essay “examines” and “comments on” ideas about the character — elements, aspects, choices, character traits etc — using examples and “quotes” from the reading to support each idea about the character.


Each paragraph, other than the Introduction and Conclusion, should discuss/analyze a specific character “trait” or “choice,” depending on your essay assignment selection, that supports your overall analysis. These traits or choices should be supported by references and or “quotes” from the reading(s).

When using “QUOTES” from the readings, Use the Author + Signal word technique when introducing quotes. IE: Jones suggests that “……..”
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