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Assignment Questions

Chernobyl Liquidators

Analyze the government?s response and deployment of the Chernobyl Liquidators during the Chernobyl nuclear accident. In your Chernobyl case analysis paper:

Describe the characteristics of the incident.
Evaluate how those characteristics affected the incident response.
Describe the characteristics and events of the incident that demonstrate a multi-disciplinary response.
Analyze the multi-disciplinary response to the incident. Consider current perspectives on coordinated, multi-disciplinary responses in your analysis of the response.
Describe the response and management of the nuclear and explosive CBRNE incident.
Evaluate the CBRNE incident response and management against current recommended practices for nuclear and radiological incidents.
Describe how the NIMS framework could be applied to an imagined local nuclear incident with similar characteristics. Consider the layered bureaucracy, ICS, and who should be the lead agency in the event of a large-scale incident involving a nuclear power plant in the United States.
Your Chernobyl Liquidators Case Analysis should not exceed four pages. All citations and references should be in APA 5th edition format.

Submit your Chernobyl Liquidators Case Analysis paper in the assignments area

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