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Assignment Questions

Cherokee woman living in the southeast, any time between the 1600’s and 1820

This will be a first person narrative research paper, for a combination Lit/History class, creating an original character living during a particular time and place(cherokee woman living in the southeast, any time between the 1600’s and 1820), investigating the lifestyle of this individual over the course of a few days (please see fax).

i need 6 pages of the character’s actual story (journal portion).

i need 1 and 1/2 pages of an overview that is a description that provides context for the narrative.

i need an annotated bibliography which must include the conventional bibiographical entry for all five sources. then. i need a short paragraph for each source(6-9 sentences, for each of the five) in which you briefly describe the content of each source AND specifically how you used each of the five sources in your paper(not to exceed 2pages).

i need an appendix(a short paper) which must be 1 and 1/2 pages in which you analyze the process you followed in creating the project covering the following: 1)how you got the idea for your narrative. 2)the audience for whom your narrative is intended. 3)what you learned about the time period from completing the project (again, cherokee woman living any time between the 1600’s and 1820).

i also need someone to call me tomorrow between 9am and 12pm eastern to confirm my order and follow up with any unanswered questions the writer my have. this paper should wind up being 11 pages long.

thank you for your assistance and i look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. my number is (920) 277-6855. thanks again, jackie. (fax also included) i also need the document attatched in mirosoft word format. thanks
There are faxes for this order.

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