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Child Abuse And Domestic Violence

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I need a 7 page Research Prospectus Paper(Abstract-Introduction-Hypothesis-Literature Review- Methods-Conclusion. The topic is Child Abuse and Domestic Violence and I need to have it complete by Friday Dec 12, 2008- Early afternoon(12-3 pm). I have 5 sources that i will provide to you and the other 3 you would provide(8 total). It is a college Junior level writing assignment and the format is APA American.

Kristine T. Futa., Cindy L. Nash., David J. Hansen., Calvin P. Garbin (2003).
Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse: An Analysis of Coping Mechanisims Used for Stressful Childhood Memories and Current Stressors. Journal of Family Violence, Vol 18:

Alissa C. Huth-Bucks., Alytia A. Levendosky., Michael A. Semel (2001).
The Direct and Indirect Effects of Domestic Violence on Young Children’s Intellectual Functioning. Journal of Family Violence, Vol 16:

Kelly L. Jarvis., Erin E. Gordon., Raymond W. Navaco (2005).
Psychological Distress Of Children and Mothers in Domestic Violence Emergency Shelters. Journal of Family Violence, Vol 20:

Tanya M. Morrel., Howard Dubowitz., Mia A. Kerr., Maureen M. Black (2003).
The Effects of Maternal Victimization on Children: A Cross Informant Study. Journal of Family Violence, Vol 18: 29

Kimberly A. Wolf., Vangie A. Foshee (2003). Family Violence, Anger Expression Styles and Adolescent Dating Violence. Journal of Family Violence, Vol 18:

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