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Assignment Questions

Child Care Study

child care study of a 5 year old -a statement of research/observation, evidence of testing,recording decisions, analysing, viewpoints with supporting reasons. To include additional materials ie photographs which i have. Appropriate forms of research eg. testing, IT- produced reference data, questionnaires, interviews etc. With the introductory visit to identify the stages of development the childhas reached at 5 yrs of age. To decide upon the focus of research during obsevational period, plus 6 further visits – coverinf planning, observation and research. Areas of investigation, the physical, emotional and social development explored through play, toys and books, creativity,speech, concepts, parents and child, nurseries, safety and healthy eating. To be assesed on knowledge and understanding of the suject of study. Identify issues and questions, assemble relevant information, examine the evidence and hypothesise. To select a range of appropriate home economic skills competently. Gather, collate and record analysis viewpoints, interpret and evaluate evidence. Make a personnal viewpoint, make decisions, take action and evaluate investigations and tasks. Must be presented logically and using appropriate format. |Using experimental vs observational aspect and observer influence and observational settings. one child study only with longitudiinal design and data collection. thanks susan (i dont think i could say much more).

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