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Assignment Questions

Child Physiology

Subject: The movie Willa Wonka and The Chocolate factory and Child Psychology

Child Psychology Film Assignment Guidelines
I would like you to use the film 1971 Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory Please!

This assignment will require you to view the full length film and use it as a basis for applying concepts covered in the course. . Please do your best to vary in their coverage of child developmental issues.
Your written assignment should follow the format listed below. Please organize your assignment using the ?Parts? listed below


-discuss how this film relates to our study of child psychology, as well as why you selected it

*This section should be written in paragraph format and be ? – 1 page.


-provide a detailed explanation of at least seven (7) concepts that appear in the film that also relate to

child development ? this should be done in 3 parts:

a) detailed description of what occurred in film

b) full explanation of the course concept/theory/issue with which it relates

c) underline the concept and indicate the chapter and page in the text where the

concept can be found (this can be done as an in-text citation)

*This section should be written as a series of seven paragraphs and will be the longest section of your assignment.

See next page?

Some possible course concepts include, but are not limited to, the following:

Nature vs. Nurture Parenting/Childrearing Physical Development

Childhood Disorders Temperament/Personality Cognitive Development

Bullying Self-esteem Obesity

Sibling Relationships Education/Learning Mentors/Role Models

Divorce Gender Differences Moral Development

Peer Interactions Social Development Friendships

Range of Intelligence Dealing with Death Language Development

Play Discipline/Behavior Modification Emotional Development

Self-Concept Day Care Other Influences on Development


-provide a short critique of the film, focusing on how well it presented the childdevelopmental issues

-discuss your recommendations — Would you recommend it? To whom? Is it appropriate for children?

*This section should be written in paragraph format and be ? – 1 page.

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