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Assignment Questions

Child soldiers of Sierra Leone

-Incorporate 10 peer-reviewed journal articles

-INTRO: why is the research topic important (commence by highlighting importance of my topic. Cite statistics or other relevant info. to convey importance of my topic).
Thesis could be, for example: The objective of this paper is to investigate the trajectory of child soldeirs in Sierra Leone; specifically, how youth become child soliders, their activities as child soldiers, and how the youth reintegrate back into the community.
-BODY: summarize past research. make certain to synthesize studies that complement each other. Be specific about topic. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence showcasing what the paragraph will address and end with a general conclusion that “you” draw from the studies
-CONCLUSION:policy implicaitons. How would you change/improve public policy (e.g. law) based on your findings. How would fix/improve the social problem? Your creative summary and conclusion grounded on past research

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