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Assignment Questions

Child Soldiers

10 pages in length, double spaced
New Times Roman, 12 pt., 1” margins
Page numbers
Use a separate page for “Works Cited” and use MLA format
Find six sources (minimum), only two of which can be internet sources; the other four must be academic sources.
Have an introduction with a clear thesis statement that presents a position on an argument and why you believe it is so. (Sample starting thesis statement The use of child soldiersis not only immoral but it greatly affects the kids fighting, the solders that have to fight against them, and if the recruitment of children as soldiers isn’t stopped, the future of our country might be at stake.) Please go off of this thesis statement
The body of the paper should present examples and information from sources in support of your argument.
Cite any information that is not your own.
Include a conclusion that wraps up the argument and presents a final thought.
will be graded down for punctuation, spelling, grammar and structural errors in addition to content.
If at all possible could you please try to use these sources?
Armies of the Young by David M. Rosen
Child Soldiers by Michael Wessels
Young Soldiers by Rachel Brett & Irma Specht
War and Children by Kendra E. Dupuy and Krijn Peters

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