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Assignment Questions

Child welfare demographics

Goal ”
To read and critically analyze social work literature and web-sites related to areas of childwelfare demographics in three separate areas such as, financial status of children in the system, effects of kids in foster-care and who domestic abuse affects the most

Remember absolutely no .com?s or wikipedia will be accepted!

The write up you turn in should include each of the following sections.
Summary : Once you have found the articles and websites read them carefully and write a brief summary of each article and description of each Internet site you?ve found for each of three social work topics you have chosen to focus on. The summaries should not be more than about 150 words in length (about half a type written, double-spaced page) for each document.
Synthesize, Compare, & Contrast : In a brief essay (200 words), compare and contrast the content in the article, the internet site
You need to demonstrate an ability to synthesize information and think critically about what you have read. In your synthesis essay demonstrate through your writing that you can see the connection(s) between the article, sites, and the text. Don?t only summarize the article, but also show the links.

For example, if it is about homelessness, compare what the article says to what the Internet site and text say. Questions to answer in this essay are things such as: In what ways do the sources agree or disagree? Are there new ideas in the article or on the Internet, which are not in the text? How does using these three different sources help you develop your understanding of this topic area?

Make sure that you submit a full APA format reference for each of your six sources. You may purchase a brief summary of APA Your writing must be clear and concise, using complete sentences and proper English grammar and punctuation. Maximum 10 word-processed, double-spaced pages total, including the reference page.

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