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Childhod Hunger

This is a sociology study
Structional-Functionalism Theory
What are you, poor?

My project is about childhood hunger. The purpose of this project is to describe and show how poverty, hunger, and lack of education all play a role in childhood hunger.

I want to show the link between low income, nutrition and education all play roles in children?s lives in the long run.

I expect that lower income leads to children going to school hungry. Also, the fact that the parents have a lower level of education this leads to less nutritious meals. All of this inadvertently related to lower grades in school and childhood obesity. As well, the stigma the child will now hold, due to being obese and the poor experiences at school. I want to show the link between these topics and how they are all correlated and integrated.

I am going to look at these perspectives from the macro level. How does childhoodhunger and nutrition relate to poor socio-economical status?

The focus of this paper is show how structural -functionalism theory is applied to this topic




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