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Assignment Questions

Childhood Development


In this unit, we have been continuing our exploration of the field of early childhood development. As you know, this field consists of countless services, which include programs for infants and toddlers, preschool programs, family childcare, childcare centers, kindergarten, and schooling for primary age children. Each has the potential to foster healthy development and learning as well as positively impact children’s lives; and many of these require professionals to have similar characteristics as they partake in the role of working with children and their families. It?s also interesting to consider some of the historical events/changes that have occurred within this field.

This week?s Assignment allows you to reflect on what you have learned about professional roles, responsibilities, standards and events that have influenced this field. You will create a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation, using the template in DocSharing, highlighting the early childhood professional roles/responsibilities, standards and historical events that have influenced this field. You should use the following format:

?Slide 1: Title Slide

Create a title for your presentation (e.g., ?The Early Childhood Profession?), include your own name, course number/section and the date

?Slide 2: Early Childhood Roles/Responsibilities

Identify examples of roles and responsibilities that early childhood professionals take on. Include at least 4 examples.

?Slide 3: Standards in the field

Identify examples of standards in the field (at least 5)

?Slide 4: Historical event that influenced the field

Identify an example of an historical event/change that affected the field; note when these changes occurred.

?Slide 5: Historical Event that influenced the field

Note how the historical event changed the field and your work as an early childhood professional, personally. Note how it affects children.

?Slide 6: References

Include all sources of your information in APA format


Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations at https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/DocumentStore/Docs11/pdf/WC/EffectivePowerPointPresentations_KUWC2014.pdf

Basic Guidelines for APA

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