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Assignment Questions

Childhood Obesity in America

Course: English Composition II

Topic: Create a research proposal (Childhood Obesity in America)

Requirements: Topic: My thesis statement: We need to pass legislation to fight solving the problem of childhood obesity in America. I believe we need to do something now about the problem of child obesity before it?s too late.

Here is where I need help writing:
A research paper that is at least 500-600 words in length in an APA format.

Possible Academic topic:
? We need to fight the causes of childhood obesity in America; our children are dying too soon.
? The FDA needs to speed up the approval process for pharmaceutical products.
? In order to fight the epidemic of obesity in our children there needs to be a mandatory requirement for 60 minutes of a physical fitness exercise program in every school.
? There should be federal legislation mandating required classes at every educational level K-12 teaching children on habits to keeping our children healthy and within their ideal weight
There must be in-text citation in the research proposal.

1. Cover page and APA formatting:

2. Purpose:
? What is your rationale for this project? Passing congressional legislation to support a program to educated everyone about the issue in America facing childhood obesity.
? What do you hope to learn from the project, or what to do you want to see happen as a result of it? A funded program to fight childhood obesity
? Who is your audience for this project? United States Congress of state level
? What role will you play in this project? Advocate

3. Statement of qualification:
Address the following questions as they are applicable to your project.
? What is your investment in the topic? Health Care and educational program for overweight children
? What personal experience do you bring to the topic? Very little, but I have seen many overweight children who suffer so much in life because they are so overweight. Parents need government assistance in the fight to help their children to lose weight.
? What special qualities do you bring to the project? None
? How might your investment, experience, and special qualities make you particularly apt at developing this project? My investment is to educate and bring this issue to the fore front of America

4. Tentative argument:
Your final Research Paper for this course will be an argumentative, research-based, academic paper. While it is unlikely that you will have a concrete idea of what your entire argument will be at this point in the writing process, it is necessary for you to articulate your argument as you understand it to be right now. Address the following questions.
? What is the context surrounding your topic? In other words, is there some event that was a catalyst for bringing your topic into the public eye? (Optional)
? What is your explanation or definition of the topic?
? What is your analysis of the specific issue surrounding your topic?
? What is your tentative thesis statement or hypothesis?

5. References: Include a references list as the last page of your Research Proposal. Five resources are required for this project. No textbooks.

This is my short proposal from unit I:

This research paper is aimed at discussing the idea of child obesity in the U.S. and potential strategies, the authorities could use towards the purpose of controlling this concept. By addressing the matter directly and by developing educational institutes designed for both children and educators, the government would have more chances to reduce the prevalence of the condition. If one wants to be able to actually understand the degree to which obesity in children affects the United Sates, we would have to look at serious maladies triggered by the condition. (1) High blood pressure and type II diabetes are just two of the many diseases that are likely to appear in children who suffer from obesity. Also, (2) obesity can also have a significantly negative effect on a child?s thinking, as it affects him or her on a psychological level as a consequence of the attitudes society as a whole takes on with regard to the child. In order for the authorities to be able to address the problem directly, they would have to design programs meant to inform parents of children about the attitudes they need to take with the purpose of combating the condition. (3) By promoting healthy eating habits and by making it possible for these groups to comprehend the importance of physical exercise, the government can effectively fight the condition.


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