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Assignment Questions

Childhood Obesity Program

TOPIC: Strengths and Barriers to Program Implementation for Childhood Obesity

As you design your program, it is important to anticipate potential issues related to program implementation. Careful forethought can help you to minimize unnecessary stumbling blocks during implementation.

A. There are strengths and barriers associated with every program.

B. What do you see as the key factors to be aware of for your program?

C. Brainstorm key terms such as community, culture, environment, organization, client, bias, and ethics.

D. Give consideration to the factors you come up with (along with those in the Learning Resources) as you proceed.

To prepare:

Review the information presented in any resources. What are some of the factors (e.g.,
community, organization, environmental, ethical) that you consider strengths or facilitators for your program?

1. Which ones do you think may pose a challenge for your program?

2. How do these barriers need to be addressed in your program design?

3.. How might the strengths be leveraged to help overcome the barriers?

Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

Analyze two or more community, client, organization, and/or environmental forces that may facilitate your program and two or more that may pose a challenge for your program.

Propose a strategy for addressing one of the barriers as a part of your program design.


Ask questions of your colleagues regarding how you might address the other challenge

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