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Assignment Questions

Children with Disability

Child and Family Honours Course, Social Welfare, Childrens Rights.

summerize the two articles attached via email

Inclusion Understood from the Perspectives of Children with Disability” by E. Jane Watkinson and
Swedish Primary-school teachers’ attitudes to inclusion – the case of PE and pupils with physical disabilities.

Summerize the articles outlining the key ideas, next point out the main points of the arguments from the 2 articles.

Make the connection from a children‘s rights perspectives (The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child.) that the child has the right to be in a regular publicly funded public school.

Identification of the authors focus/insights, challenges, Issues or Problems.

Make lots of critical reflections. “Critical Assessment”. What is the author missing, what could have been done to improve the article, too many statistics, no information coming from a child (no voice heard.) etc.

Request the same employee/staff member who wrote A2017451.

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