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Assignment Questions

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.

You will select and review an industry of your choice (must be related to some consumer product-not service). Following A thorough analysis of the industry, you will select any three competitors in this industry.(You must be able to justify why you think these brands are competing and why you selected them. Your project mainly involves conducting a thorough analysis of this industry with specific focus on the three brands you have selected. ( I have chosen to do this project on Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.)


Industry Backround: Market Size, growth, trends.

Important Environmental Influences: i.e., what are the major external influences and how they affect consumers and/or your choice of market strategy elements, e.g., whether and how technological, political/legal and economic factors influence your marketing strategy. How have the companies adapted to these factors?

Competitor Analysis: Identify major competitors and compare in terms of size, goals, market share, growth, trends, products offered, positions, strengths/weaknesses of brands, success/failure of recent marketing strategies. You must also conduct a SWOT analysis for each competitor to identify relative strengths and weaknesses. ( The competitors I have chosen are Qdoba, Baja Fresh, and Moe’s Mexican Grill)

Page 2: Consumer Analysis

Describe consumers’ purchase behaviors/patterns, what is important to them? How much do they buy? Where and how often? You must provide relevant Economic, Social, Cultural, Demographic and Geographic information and identify whether and how these factors influence the choice of marketing strategy. How have the companies adapted to these factors? Who are your customers? How do these consumers perceive your product relative to the competitors products?

Page 3: Opportunity Analysis- this is your own creative thinking basked by reasons from your own research-not what the firms are already planning.

Based on your situation analysis, can you identify any significant opportunities that any one or all of the companies might pursue? Alternately, can you identify any significant problems with the current marketing efforts of any of the companies and suggest modifications which may translate into a more successful marketing strategy? Note: This could be a product modification, promotion modification, or both. Or. it may be a completely new opportunity/idea that you think one/more of these companies can pursue. ( An idea I thought about is that Chipotle can sell their Nacho’s in supermarkets. This is the idea I want you to use.)

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