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Assignment Questions


As you are going home from work, two well-dressed gentlemen accost you, handing you some literature explaining what they believe. You glance over it and are drawn to this sentence: “Jesus was a man and as such could not also be God.” Seeing the puzzled look on your face, one of the men asks you what you think of this claim.

What is the biblical basis for Jesus’ humanity?
What is the biblical basis for Jesus’ deity?
Explain how Jesus can be both God and Man at the same time (Hypostatic Union).
What does it mean for Jesus to be both God and Man?
Why did Jesus need to become incarnate to save humanity?
What are the dangers of overemphasizing or denying either the deity or humanity of Christ?
What are the common objections to the traditional understanding of Christology (refer to the Christological heresies in Elwell, pgs. 241 – 42), and how do you respond to them?
In what ways is Christ in his humanity an example to you?

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