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Assignment Questions

Chronic Illness

Individual Research Paper (Critique) 40 Points
Read the research article that is attached: Fox & Chesla(2008). Living with chronicillness: A phenomenological study of the health effects of the patient-provider relationship and prepare a critical review of the article using the criteria listed below. Include a reference page listing the article you analyzed and any other sources used, such as the textbook: Burns, N., & Grove, S (2011). Understanding nursing research: Building an evidence-based practice (5th ed.). The entire paper should be limited to 6 (double-spaced) pages, excluding the title and reference pages. The paper must be written according to APA 6th edition format. The following criteria listed below should be fully addressed in your critical review. It is suggested to use these for headings in your paper. The paper must be in hard copy form.

Briefly explain the purpose of the study.

Identify the research question(s) or hypotheses stated in the article? If not stated in the article, what research questions are implied? Describe how the research questions fit the purpose of the study. Note that qualitative studies do not typically have a stated hypothesis but rely on research questions instead.

Literature review:
Is the literature review comprehensive and up-to-date? How does it ?frame? the study? Be specific.

Theoretical perspective:
Is a theoretical perspective/conceptual framework stated or implied in the article? If so, describe it. If not, what seems to be the theoretical basis for the research based on the variables or concepts presented in the design.

Research Design:
Classify and briefly describe the research design and methodology.

What kind of sampling was used? How were ethical issues addressed? Based on the kind of research that was done, discuss the adequacy of the sample size; for example, a qualitative study could have a much smaller ?n? and be considered to have an adequate sample size.

Data collection methods:
Describe the instruments, tools, or other methods for data collection used in this study. What kinds of data were gathered? Does the author clearly and fully describe data collection strategies?

Data Analysis:
Identify and briefly describe the data analysis strategies used. Does the author clearly explain how the data were analyzed? How does the researcher discuss the reliability and validity (or alternatively, in qualitative research this is referred to as ?rigor? and a separate criteria is used) of the instruments or methods? Did you consider this description as adequate?

What do the authors conclude from this study? Were the authors justified in their conclusions?

Discuss the generalizability of the research findings. If it was qualitative study generalizability per se does not apply but give a sense of the applicability of the study to other groups. Using your text, describe the strength of applicability of this work.

Identify any stated and unstated limitations of this study.
What do you see as the major implications for these research findings? How might this study relate to nursing practice and health care in general? How do the findings from the article apply to your nursing practice?

Include in the paper:
Wha type of study was conducted?
What was the setting for the study?
Were steps for the research process clearly identified?
Were any steps missing?
Did the steps logically link togethr?

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