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Assignment Questions

Cigarette Smoking

Education project 1-Literature review

Topic :cigarette smoking

This literature review is to be presented as a formal academic paper.All aspects of scholarly writing apply.That is the paper should include:

1.interprte the question
2.inform the reader of the way in which you intend to discuss aspects of the topic
3.declare the scope and limitations of the paper
4.provide a brief gackground of the issues to be discussed

Body of the work
In this section you need to identify what recent research indicates about the use and misurs of this substance by adult men and women .You will also need to discuss the impact on morbidity,mortolity and quality of life issues for adult men and women.This will require analyses and interpretation of the evidence you have located including discussion about the following:
1.what is the incidence of the problem in Australia and overseas?

2.who is most affected?

3.is the substance misuse linked to specific disease processes?
4.what health outcomes are associated with misues of this substance?
5.what are the effects o npeople’s lives?
6.what is the cost to the health are system?
In the body of this paper there should be a fully-referenced discussion supported by a complete reference list to indicate that th student performed a thorough literatuure search within relevant databases.

Should complete tshis review.what conclusions can you make about the evidence you have provided ?have the conclusions been supported by the discussion in the paper?that is ,did you draw on the dey points established in the argument?

Reference list –a minimum of 6 reputable sources journal articles no older than 10 years

UniSA Harvard reference system must be used

Furthermore,this project 1 is linked with project2(design a managment plan for a client who smokes and has recently been diagnosed with heart disease.And the reference you used 1 should be used in 2 as well.

I would like to provide the website needed in my essay which are:


Hope those site will help you to find the references i need,and please send me all the references you use in that essay.By the way,introduction and conclusion is 10% of total essay,that is ,less 100words in each session.Thanks!

All best!
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