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Assignment Questions

Citation According to PAP

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Research Paper
The goal for the research paper is to apply course material and additional research in a case study examining wrongful convictions. The research paper must be 10 pages (citations not included).
The research paper must have a minimum of 15 sources
(In addition, you may use the following text books: The Color of Justice by Samuel Walker, Cassia Spohn and Miriam Delone . ISBN-13: 2-8 and Wrongful Conviction, Law, Science, and Policy by James R. Acker and Allison D. Redlich ISBN 978-1-59460-753-0, Victimology by Leah E. Daigle ISBN 978-1-4129-8732-5).
You may use newspapers, select magazines and peer-reviewed journal articles and law reviews (e.g.. Time, Newsweek, Salon.com, The Atlantic Monthly, the NewYorker, etc.) to assist in their research.
I chose to talk about the wrongful conviction of Henry James. Mr. James was wrongfully convicted of aggravated rape in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana in 1982.
Part of this research paper is to explain how Mr. James was wrongfully convicted and who is to blame; Prosecutorial Misconduct (e.g., Withholding of Exculpatory Evidence, Allowing
Perjured Testimony) & Wrongful Convictions?
Research papers MUST answer and address the following issues and questions:
i. What are the central issues in this problem?
ii. What is the frequency or scope of this issue/problem? (Provide and discuss data.)
iii. Why is it controversial?
iv. What are the key legal decisions affecting this practice?
v. How was the individual in your case study affected by this practice?
vi. How long were they in prison and what was their life like, before and after their
incarceration (as someone who was wrongfully convicted)?
vii. After their exoneration, was there an apology, compensation, a civil suit?
viii. Who was primarily responsible for the wrongful conviction or was it a
systematic failure? (Explain and discuss.)
ix. What, if any, legal reforms were made to prevent this from occurring again?
x. What unanswered questions are you left with?

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