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Assignment Questions

City corridors

City corridors: Using a method of public transportation such as the Metro bus or Metro rail in Los Angeles , travel the entire route (from beginning to end, or if you start in the middle make a round trip so that you cover both ends). Blus bus is not quite as good as it doesn?t cover a long distance; ideally you want something that also covers LA downtown. If you are using underground rail, get down to visit at least a couple of stops to see what is happening above ground.
1) Where did your route go?
2) What kinds of people were on the mode of transport in different places?
3) What surprised you about the neighborhoods surrounding the different stops?
4) Why do you think that this particular route goes where it does?
5) How do you think that the time of day or day of the week affected the types and
number of other riders?
4 pages double-space.

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