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Assignment Questions

 City hall Plaza, Boston

City hall Plaza, Boston

Write two pages relating to the site plan issues buildings and the public spaces related to city hall plaza in Boston.

Some issues that could be addressed include

1. Architecture as it pertains to site. That would include building placement, materiality, forms, streets, vehicles, pedestrians, and human scale.

2. Other Plaza site elements that are placed on the plaza and at its edges. Are they useful and for what purpose?

3. Landscape elements

4. Slope/ Contour changes of the Plaza caused by connections to the road systems that surround the City Hall Plaza

5. ADA responses

6. Location of the Entrance

7.Placement, form, detail and scale of other buildings that surround the plaze and the affect they have on the space of the plaza. Their connection to other space.

8. Relationship between historical building and contemporary architectural style.

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