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Assignment Questions

City Paws the daycare with a heart

City Paws the daycare with a heart

I would like for my doggie day care to donate a certain profit of sales to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. The doggie day care will be located in Boston.

Since a lot of daycares and boutiques are quite froufrou my doggie daycare would be more in the “Have a Heart League” I think the angle my daycare should have, is to make it really involved in helping out The Animal Rescue League of Boston. People who bring their dogs to my daycare could volunteer at the rescue league and a certain profit from the day care will also go towards the rescue league.

Bottom line. If you had a choice to bring your dog to a very nice upscale daycare OR a very nice upscale day care that also contributes towards shelters, (knowing that your money is making a difference) which place would you choose?

Dog lovers, are generally big hearted social people, so people would not only have the satisfaction of getting there dog taken care of but they would also have the satisfaction of knowing there money will go towards helping other animals too.

I want to offer a premier, higher end quality doggie day care at affordable prices.
Chapter 1 Already completed. Summary of pet/doggie day care business in general

Chapter 2 Profile 3 other higher end/upscale doggie day cares in Boston (preferably) or in Massachusetts

Chapter 3 Describing my pet business, City Paws
What I hope to accomplish

Chapter 4 SWOT Analysis

Chapter 5 Marketing Plan

Also, interview 2 or 3 other people in the doggie day care business, asking them similar questions about opening a doggie day care.
Incorporate some of the answers into the paper.

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