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Assignment Questions

Climate and Topology Analysis for Woolworth Limited

Climate & Topology Analysis for Woolworth Limited – Australia (home country) – Host Country : Norway

1) Does climate affect such factor conditions as natural resource availability, information systems technologies, and capital market availability? If positive, briefly describe the net effect of climate on these factor conditions. If negative, briefly describe why climate has no visible affect on these factor conditions.

2) Does topology affect such factor conditions as general transportation venues, telecommunications, and the availability of a skilled vs. unskilled labor pool? If positive, briefly describe how and in to what degree topology affects these factor conditions? If not, demonstrate why not, and describe two factor conditions that topology would affect, and topology?s net affect on these two factor conditions.

3) Explain climate & topology?s effects on your organization. In your home country, has your organization had problems and/or issues pertaining to climate and/or topology? Briefly explain what effects occurred, what steps the organization took to overcome these issues, and forecast the implications for your organization should a natural disaster occur within your LT?s home country.

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