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Assignment Questions

Climate Research Unit

To Writer,

There has been diverse opinion on whether global warming is true or is a hoax framed by politicians who make use of the media to fulfill their purposes.

For the essay, choose one of the two big topics,

Topic 1. Track/ investigate leaked CRU (Climate Research Unit) email threads and files.
This is a very interesting topic to investigate. Track down the threads and the related stories and write a summary with your thoughts on the issue.


Topic 2. Track, describe and evaluate the global warming article coverage and trend in one chosen newspaper. Give some thoughts as to why you choose one particular newspaper (only choose US, UK or China newspapers such as South China Morning Post)
Maybe you can describe any interesting trend and change in “framing the global warming”, frequencies, nature/ content of the articles. Maybe you can compare them with the timing of events such as the Kyoto Protocol, occurrence of large climate-related natural disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, or the release of “An Inconvenience Truth”, UN Summit, etc etc.
But if you have any other direction within the topic that can form a good course paper, by all means please do so, as it may earn extra credits.

After choosing one topic, set a specific title to narrow down your focus for the essay. Figures and tables can be used to help illustrate your points.

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