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Assignment Questions

Clinical Interventions

Assignment #4
? This paper should be 8-10 pages, doubled spaced, standard 12 point font size, with correct APA (sixth edition) format. Process material should be incorporated into the text.
? This paper should contain at least seven data sources. Two of these data sources should not be from the syllabus.
Note: Integrate theory from readings and class discussions throughout your discussion. You can organize your paper in anyway that you wish, as long as you address the required content areas. You may also draw from literature
The purpose of this assignment is to give you a chance to dissect your thought processes and clinical interventions. It will allow you to break down a significant clinical moment from a group session and scrutinize it to further your self- awareness and learning from two perspectives. This assignment allows you to deepen and broaden your practice wisdom through self-reflection and application of concepts from theory and practice.
An intervention is defined as a statement or action made by a group worker or a group member that impacts group process and catalyzes changes in group dynamics. It is important to remember that interventions in group work that are made by group members are just as relevant as those made by practitioners.
You will be required to extrapolate from the literature and class discussions, and integrate theoretical concepts with your evolving understanding of your role as a facilitator, and your growing awareness of and appreciation for group latent and manifest content.
You may use a group from your current or past field placement, or the in-class experiential group.
Please include all of the following information:
1. A description of the group: that includes the following elements:
? community and setting in which the group functions,
? the purpose of the group,
? a brief description of the members of the group (gender, age, ethnicity, culture, presenting problems),
? structure of the group-as-a-whole (norms, roles, how members communicate with each other, etc.),
2. Include five excerpts of process to illustrate the chosen topic. Please present the five excerpts in script form and underline them in order to make them easily identifiable. This process vignette can illustrate a moment where the group members made a demand for work, the worker made a demand for work, or some combination of the two, that impacted group dynamics.
3. Take each intervention and discuss the following:
? what do you think was going on in the group before the intervention or event occurred;
? the group?s response,
? what sense you made of the group?s response;
? what you were thinking and feeling during this exchange, and how you responded to the group?s stimuli.
? If you were not the worker, please include how you made sense of the worker?s choices, and include some discussion of what you might have done differently if you were the worker during that moment.
? Please integrate relevant literature to support your discussion.
4. Explore one ethical dilemma that has arisen or could arise in this group. Define the ethical concern using the NASW Code of Ethics and the AASWG Standards for Social Group Work Practice (www.aaswg.org).
5. What have you learned from this group experience with regard to group process and yourself as a social group worker?

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