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Assignment Questions

Clothing in the 18th Century in France

1. Demonstrate the importance of apparel in understanding culture in both historic and contemporary times.
2. Identify and appreciate apparel contributions from various cultures to the global fashion industry.
3. Understand Diaspora as it influences fashion.

Historical time period: 18th century in France of their ancestors and study the apparel worn at that time. Students will analyze the apparel, specifically looking at the socio-psychological, cultural, and physical influences on clothing in this time period.

Analyze the apparel, describing what it indicates about this culture at this 18th century time period in France. Please include the following and label them correctly:
? What does the clothing say about the economics of the time? Gender? Status? Modesty? Adornment?
? How was clothing used to separate the classes?
? How was quantity (numbers, size, or scale) and/or quality (workmanship/color) a factor?
? How was clothing used as a status symbol?
? Were there sumptuary laws in this culture during this historical time period?

The research resources have to be creditable resources. Must be a BOOK

Reference Books
Encyclopedia of Clothing & Fashion
GT507 .E53 2005

The Greenwood encyclopedia of clothing through world history
GT507 .G74 2008

The Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures & Daily Life
GN333 .W67 1998

The Encyclopedia of World Costume
GT507 .Y37

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Costume & fashion: from 1066 to the present
GT730 .C37 1994

NOTE* Please include pictures that you are illustrate

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