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Assignment Questions

Cloud Computing Security issues

Cloud Computing Security issues
I. Cloud computing services truly presents itself as an exciting and innovative method to store and use data on the internet.

A. What are some of the concerns that relate to Cloud Computing?
1. Cloud Computing Security?
2. Which company should I allow to store my data?

II. Who uses cloud technology, and how does it benefit them.

A. How does Cloud computing affect large businesses?
B. How does Cloud computing affect small businesses?
C. How does Cloud computing affect home users?

I. Let?s compare security issues for each one of these users.
A. Are the concerns between them the same?
B. Lets discuss the main concerns.
C. List and discuss some major concerns with Cloud Technology:

? Cyber-attacks and hacking of sensitive information
? Illegal local network access from cloud services.
? Stolen information from cloud computing employees.
? Attacks from other customers
? Adherence and compliance of providers to security standards.
? Data loss
? Data Segregation from other customers.
? Security culture among providers.
? Evolving threats that may target clouds.

I. Privacy and security is a must to protect single users and organizations when dealing with Cloud Technology.

II. With the user and the big organizations concerns mitigated:

A. The user can continue on with their daily tasks, both personal and professional.
B. The big organizations can continue on with the mission and money making goals.

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