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Assignment Questions

Coach Inc.

Coach Inc. is an American company that manufactures high quality ladies’s handbag. with Coach has grown dramatically since its inception, the recent economic recession in its core US market has led Coach to expand to Asia.

A report to justify entering Japan Market with the content of

part 1. Market and industry opportunities of Japan, it should include

1. the market: how important is the demand in this country? Growth Size Customer quality
2. competition: intensity of rivalry, entry barriers, bargaining power of suppliers- customers
3.is the business profitable?
4.incentives: what taxed, subsidies, infrastructures, government contacts might be available?
5. Resources: is the country a critical source of skilled personnel? Raw materials? Components? labour? Technological innovation? learning?
6. quality of infrastructure supporting services
7. location

part 2. country risks.

1.political risk
2.economic risk
3. competitive risk
4. operational risk

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