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Assignment Questions

Coca Cola Compnay

Instructions: The title page should include the assignment title, names of group members (with student numbers), and date. The report should be typed using 1½ line spacing. Before submitting the report, please proof-read it carefully. The page guidelines shown below are approximations. Hand in a paper copy of the report at Rhodes Hall 210A by 4:00pm, Feb 3. Reports will not be accepted by email.

Part A: Environmental Analysis (2 pages)
Indentify demographic, sociocultural, regulatory/political, technological, and natural trends that impact your product’s industry. Briefly explain how each trend impacts the industry.

Part B: Industry Analysis
Aggregate Category Factors (1 page)
State the category size, growth rate, and stage of the product life cycle. Identify any effects from sales associations and seasonality. Briefly comment on the overall profitability of the industry.

Industry Attractiveness (2 pages)
Assess the industry on each of Porter’s Five Forces using a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high). Briefly explain your assessment. What is the overall attractiveness of the industry?

Part C: Competitor Analysis (1 page + Circle Chart + Competitor Strategy Matrix + Product Features Matrix)
Identify the key competitors (or brands) for each level of competition. Create a circle chart showing key competitive products. Create a Competitor Strategy Matrix that outlines the objective and strategy (target market, competitive advantage, market positioning) for each key competitor at the Product Form and Product Category levels. In addition, assess each competitor’s resources and products (Product Features Matrix).

Part D: Opportunities and Threats (1 page)
Based on your analysis identify three key opportunities and three key threats.

The company is Coca Cola focusing on their main brand.

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