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Assignment Questions

Code of Conduct Paper

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Code of Conduct Paper

Your writing assignment this week is to write a 1 1/2 – 2 page paper critiquing a professional code of conduct. You can use your own company’s code of conduct or some other code of conduct found either in the Webliography or on your own (You may wish to include the code of conduct in your assignment submission but the actual text from the code of conduct will not count toward the page requirement.)

The paper should contain the following:

* Discuss the rationale for the code of conduct in this field, including why it is necessary within the industry or field.
* Analyze the strengths and/or weaknesses with the code of conduct.
* Discuss which elements of the code refer to ethical and which refer to legal guidelines.
* Utilize at least two concepts from the text and/or course lecture to analyze the code.

Sources must be cited and documented using APA style (see the Syllabus for more details).

The paper should be written in your own words and answer all of the above questions above. You will be graded on your demonstrated understanding of course material, and your organization and grammar.

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