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Assignment Questions

 Code of Ethics paper on Health Information

Code of Ethics paper on Health Information. My major is Health Information Technology/Medical coding and the teacher requested that we do it on what our major is.

My critique paper should contain the following ideas:

Discuss why the code of ethics is necessary within the industry or field.
Discuss any strengths or weakness with the code of ethics.
Discuss how individual’s professional conduct is guided or not guided by the code of ethics.
Discuss how you can use the code of ethics in your professional life.

My assignment is asking me to analyze and critique the code of a company or organization. I have to see what regulations they have, what moral principles they are based on, and finally, critique the code, that is evaluate it, see if I can add something to it or maybe suggest rewording of the rules, or that some should be taken out. Whatever you do, do not talk about codes of ethics in the abstract. There has to be one taken from a web site and belonging to a real company or organization.

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