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Assignment Questions

Coffee Shop Business

write briefing paper about group business(Coffee shop in Luton,UK) also report the problems and include some theory (SWOT) about business plan and you can make any situation in this assay.

Assessment Criteria

– Taking an integrative approach in both theory and application
– Evidence of background reading and research
– Evidence of analysis
– Clear use of prescribed formats
– Presentation, style and academic rigour (use of the Harvard referencing system throughout)

Your Portfolio

Your portfolio will consist of papers and exercises undertaken in your Business Communication I class. These will be completed over the semester and will include the following items:


we plan to do coffee shop business in Luton,England ,and sell the product at the town centre in Luton.
2. Team Contract
Our team consist 2 people of Indian men and women ,2 men and 1 women of Chiness ,I’m a one of Thai man who be a co-ordinating manager.(I would you to write the problem about different culture between our member’s country and also communication that reflex with decistion)

The Briefing Paper – individual work

Throughout the unit you and your Team have been developing a business plan for a project or business. To test its viability you are now asked to use a SWOT and or PESTEL in the form of a briefing paper to a chosen reader. As with all academic work you will need to support your discussion with relevant theories but in line with the ethos of this unit you will need to include inter-cultural theories.

Topic for the Briefing Paper

At the beginning of the semester you were placed in a team with people who were not only strangers but came from different backgrounds and cultures. Now you are asked to analyse the viability of your team. You need to do this through a combination of two approaches:
– A theoretical approach
– A practical and reflective approach
Here are some prompts that may help you with your analysis:
1. Team formation: what theory/ies helped you understand the life cycle of a team? Did this knowledge help you to understand how your team should act?
2. The Contract: You prepared a team contract – has anyone not fulfilled the terms and conditions of the contract. If not, why not. What was the impact on the team?

3. Team Roles: You were put in teams according to your Belbin role. Did you live up to this role – if not why not. Did your teammates live up to their roles – if not why not. What were the repercussions?
4. Leadership: Did a natural leader evolve or did you have to convince one member of the team to act as leader. What theories helped you understand the role of the leader.
5. Culture: what cultures do you and your teammates belong to – did this affect your ability to communicate with each other or work together.

You will need to use the Case Study/ Briefing Paper format as follows:

1. Executive Summary

6. Terms of Reference
7. Who are you
My position is co-ordinating manager of the coffee shop (state sole)
– Who is your client /reader
The Indian women is the owner and financial.
– What information does your client/reader need – why are you preparing this briefing paper
Our group want to make a plan to do a coffee shop in Luton,UK
3. Overview of the situation:
What problems do you envisage will need to be addressed.
Different culture member in our company is difficult to design and discuss,and also in Luton have a lot of competition we have to solve this problem.

4. Analysis of the situation:
Once you have analysed the different issues you can now prepare a SWOT analysis to decide the viability of your team and if it can be successful in working together in a business situation.

5. Solutions and recommendations
You might have to give several solutions. Sometimes obvious solutions create more problems. You may need to leave your reader to make the decisions as to the best solutions from those you present to him/her/them

6. Forecasts and outcomes
7. Reference Section (and Bibliography if needed)
8. Glossary or Abbreviations (if needed)

Marking Criteria :
– Use of format 20%
– Referencing in the text 15%
– Language 15%
– Content (including use of relevant theories) 50%

**Could you please make a story report that could be possible use in this briefing paper and I mention some information from above.

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