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Assignment Questions

Cold war on the Home front

I need a one-two page summary for the
COLD WAR on the Home front ( not how we got to this place in history- not causes, but only the cold war on the Home front abroad and at home as a subtopic)

As the cold war intensified, American policy focused on rebuilding and unifying Western Europe. At home, emotionally charged spy cases raised fears of Communist infiltration into America society and government.

I am a little unsure whether Cold War on the home front should include any or al of the following. I have to make a power point for this section so I ned 7-8 key points to be able to discuss. Can you help with this as well.
Truman Doctrine
The Marshall Plan
National Securities Act

The Marshall Plan
Berlin Airlift NATO
Loyalty Programs’
HUAC (Hollywood ten and the Blacklist))
Threat of communism
Red Scare
Arms Race
Space Exploration
Soaring cost to keep military ready for potential battle took away from social programs
Identifying USSR as the enemy and rejecting ideas of Soviet Communism
Budget issue military spending
Korean War
establishment of overseas bases

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