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College Essay

College Essay
There are the points i would like to include but you would know better:
– I came to the USA my sophomore year alone, with no parents, didn’t know english (only basic stuff…hello how are you and what are you doing)
– I finished high school in Russia when i was 16. When i was a sophomore in america i was being a senior in russia. i was basically attending two school in 2010-2011. i was emailing homework to russia and had to study on my own and then take quizzes and tests. whenever i would go for a break from the us to russia i had to go to school there. at the end of my russian senior year i took the exam and i passed it.
– having no family was harder than i expected. communicating and finding friends was worse
– it was my decision to come to the us. since my 3rd grade i dreamed about it because i just felt it was something for me. and now i love it i fit in here perfectly. i would like to stay here.

would you email me if you need more information. i would like it to be not really long probably 350 words. please contact me if you have questions. here is my cell phone in case: thank you!

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