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Assignment Questions

Community Initiatives to Boost Youth Development

There are 5 questions to answer. No less than 2 paragraphs per question, and no more than 4 (1 page per question). The textbook to be used is “Community Programs to Promote Youth Development (2002)Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education ISBN 0-309-07275-1″ and I need page references to back up the answer to each question. If you can’t meet these requests, please contact me by phone ASAP – preferably today.

1) Explain your understanding of the importance of adolescents, parents, educators, counselors, recreation leaders, police, etc. in knowing what appropriate and inappropriate behavior is during adolescent development.

2) We have read about the many factors that put adolescents at risk, such ass drugs, sex, truancy, poor academics, unstable family situation, etc. What do you believe to be the biggest risk factor/s and why?

3)What role and responsibilities do you see a school counselor functioning in to address the risk factors that students face?

4)Give examples and explain how a school counselor can foster a student?s assets (resiliency) to lessen the risk factors he may face.

5) Give examples and explain how to collaborate with school personnel, other agencies, police, therapists, probation officers, etc.

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