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Assignment Questions

Community Response to Race and Criminal Justice

Community Response to Race and Criminal Justice Topic


For this assignment, interview a representative from an organization or agency that will provide you with local perspective on your chosen topic or issue. Depending on your topic, you might interview someone from the police department, corrections, a community advocacy group, a drug treatment facility, the parole department, a judge, or someone in a related profession.

Explain your research topic to them and ask them to describe:


What are the possible explanations for the large disparity rates of African American males versus their Caucasians, and Hispanic male peers that are arrested and convicted of drug distribution in the State of Georgia with a particularly concentration on the city of Atlanta and surrounding communities within the criminal justice system within the past ten years.

? How they see the problem or the issue?
? How race or ethnicity fits into the picture?
? What impact the issue has on the community or how the community is reacting?
? How they?the agency or organization?are responding to the issue?
? What is their take on the effectiveness of their response or the response of other agencies or organizations in the community?
? What is the greatest challenge the issue poses?
? What obstacles prevent the issue from being addressed?
? Which policies or practices are particularly helpful in addressing the issue?
? What they would do if they could have free reign to address the issue?

Summarize the interview in a 4 page paper and give your opinion as to what theory of criminal justice might be driving their activity or thinking.

The Criteria for the paper is below please abide by the guidelines.

Checklist the following Items for this paper No Yes Comments

(1) Conduct an interview with a local agency or organization concerning the relationship between race and criminal justice.

(2) Understand the impact that race has on a criminal justice issue in a local community.

(3) Understand the effectiveness of the response to a criminal justice issue in a local community.
(4) (20%)
Understand the challenges facing a local agency or organization regarding race and criminal justice.
(5) Analyze the theory of criminal justice that is behind the local response to the criminal justice issue.

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