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Assignment Questions

Comparative Analysis of Shakespeare’s Plays

Love in Shakespeare: Final (Comparative) Essay
Percentage of Grade: 30%
Due date: December 9, 2011 via LEA
Length: 1250 words
DOUBLE SPACED, stapled, no plastic folders of any kind (seriously).
Instruction: Choose one of the following nine (sub-)topics as the basis for a comparative analysis of two of the plays by Shakespeare we studied this term: King Lear, Troilus and Cressida, and/or The Winter?s Tale; the (sub)-topics are organized by more general categories ? imagery, character, scene?

Imagery Character Scene Analyses

sexual Female Figures ?The Trial? in
religious Fools (Rogues and Rascals) Lear &
*nature Winter?s Tale

A ninth option for the final essay is a discussion of several of Shakespeare?s sonnets ? those posted on the Class Forum in LEA. No, three sonnets are not enough to compare. The discussion of sonnets needs to be based on a common theme or set of imagery/dominant metaphors in the sonnet sequence; the paper is NOT a ?sonnet analysis x 3 = 3 paragraphs? kind of thing, but rather a sophisticated and organized discussion of thematic/imagistic/symbolic aspects of some of the sonnets (not a detailed discussion of all sonnet features in every case). You?ll probably need to consider at least 6 sonnets to do a proper job with this topic. It is up to you to determine a basis of comparison: theme, imagery, ?character? ? but not form, since all Shakespeare?s sonnets are formally the same.

*?Animal? imagery can be distinguished from ?nature? imagery in some plays in order to narrow your topic/thesis; in other plays, ?animal? can be included as ?nature? imagery.
The topics on imagery should include discussion of the function of such imagery in the play (i.e., to reveal themes) and involve detailed analyses of specific uses of imagery throughout the chosen plays.
The topics on character should involve a discussion (an argument) about the (thematic) function of the chosen characters. You will need to discuss two characters (from two plays) ? not all the females or ?fools/rogues/rascals?; that would not allow for detailed analysis of texts.
?The Trial? scene analyses is an exceptional topic in which you are required to discuss the various aspects of specific scenes in King Lear and The Winter?s Tale. You should discuss such things as character (function), theme(s), imagery (function) and irony in both scenes. While Lear and Winter?s Tale involve different issues, the ?trials? are comparable in the sense that both are supposed quests for justice and truth.

It has to be from the books and less the net, and the teacher likes to hahve a lot of quotes fro the book with the page and line number. its demanding a comparative essay and it has to be a normal essay not too complicated because its not a university essay it is for a english College class !! Also english is my 2nd language but i still get help for my essays..

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