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Assignment Questions

Compare and contrast Giotto

In an essay of approximately 400 to 500 words (with a typical font and spacing, this will be approximately 1-1/2 to 2 pages), respond to the following:

Compare and contrast Giotto?s Arena Chapel to Duccio?s Maest? (reconstructed, both sides). In your answer discuss all of the following four elements: (1) the subject, (2) the interpretation and style, (3) the context, and (4) emotion.

Do this using ONLY the examples that Kloss discusses and explains in his lectures. Do not use Internet sources for inspiration nor as help.

Please read the following information on College-Level Writing before you begin your assignment.

Lecture 6: Giotto and the Arena Chapel?Part I
Lecture 7: Giotto and the Arena Chapel?Part II
Lecture 8: Duccio and the Maest?


This is what I started to write. Please be advised the professor is very strict about structure. She demands clear statements and to the point. Also please keep all elements the subject (sources also important here), the interpretation and style, the context, and emotions.

my beginning of the paper
Arena Chapel of Giotto (1303) and Maesta of Duccio?s (1308) are masterworks of Medieval European art. The first is a chapel which contain the fresco cycle and the second is a very large altarpiece comprising multiple images, both masterpieces have similar subject but were painted with different intentions and in an instinctive artistic styles.
Duccio was the first and greatest painter from Siena whose painting inhabited artistic ideas of the late middle ages of the Gothic period and Byzantium traditions which were well established in Italy. Giotto was Italian painter and architect from Florence considered first from the artists who contributed to Italian Renaissance.
Arena Chapel in Padua, was commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni as a penitence for his son usury, which was considered unjust at that time and it was used as a family worship and burial space. The most influential work of Giotto is painting decoration of the interior of the chapel. The subject of a fresco cycle is the life of Virgin Mary and Jesus, his live, passion, death, and Resurrection. They are large narrative scenes on the walls and huge Last Judgment on the Entrance. The sources for The Life of the Virgin and the life of Christ are not only biblical is apocryphal gospel of Saint James and the Meditations on the Life of Christ by the Pseudo-Bonaventura.

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