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Assignment Questions

Compare and Contrast Two Different Religions

Using the text Anthology of World Scriptures by Robert E. Van Voorst & World religions Today by John L. Esposito.
An essay comparing and contrast two different religions Buddhism and Judaism.
What are the major aspects of the two religions(i.e. conceptions of God, requirements of worship for laity and clergy/monks, beliefs about the afterlife, what results in merit and demerit in this lifetime, beliefs about charity and service, what makes one a devout and active Buddhist, Jew, etc.) what are the core aspects of the religion in question, that make it what it is. How has this religion given meaning and direction to the lives of individuals? How has this religion shaped the collective experience of humans in various and historical context? compare and contrast two religions, not argue that one religion is better than another, but rather to see what they share in common, and what differences exist among them.

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