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Assignment Questions

Comparison of a couple of Science Fictions

This paper needs to be compared using two books: The Timemachine by, H.G. Wells and the second, Woman on the Edge of Time by, Marge Piercy

It must have an introduction paragraph that includes: Society of the future fears/hopes based on the two novels and their differences.


H.G. Wells, his view on dystopia society of the future (what?s the future like)

M. Piercy, her view on utopian society of the future (what?s the future like)

Next Discuss:

H.G. Wells, the negative aspects if no changes made with regards to society. (society doesn’t look good)

M. Piercy. the positives aspects of society if changes are made.


There needs to be two Primary sources (Piercy and Wells) and two secondary reputable sources (academic articles or books) Please include copies of source material or web links. Bibliography must be MLA format.

Please email me upon Receipt.

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