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Assignment Questions

Comparison of American and Japanese early childhood education

“Comparison of American and Japanese early childhoodeducation”. The development and changes of early childhood education in the US and Japan since World War II. How the systems differ, how they are similar and what’s the foreseeable future for both.

The paper should cover education of children between the ages of 3 and 6.?

Areas that should be covered are:
a. Teacher’s training & education
b. Teaching methods
c. Federal/state regulations (ex: size of classes, safety, teaching objectives, etc.)
d. Special needs children in the kindergarten
e. Handling of language/cultural problems with children of immigrant families
f. Parental involvement in children education until age 6
g. Differences and similarities between private and public structures.

All sources should obviously be quoted, but the number of times is at the discretion of the writer (citations and footnotes as well).

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