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Assignment Questions

Comparison of Authors With Similar Literary Works

A four page comparison contrast paper. This may be a comparison of two authors, two works by the same author, or two works by different authors. You will need a minimum of three sources for this paper. The paper should have a clear thesis statement (i.e., Poe and Hawthorne are masters at revealing the dark side of the human psyche.) Please don’t use the one given as example… The paper should either using the point-by-point or subject-by-subject method. A minimum of four quotes from the sources should be used. The paper should be written following MLA guidelines.

List of choices for authors ??”
Puritan Era –
John Smith, William Byrd, William Bradford, John Winthrop, Roger Williams, Cotton Mather
Mary Rowlandson, Anne Bradstreet, Edward Taylor, John Woolman, and Jonathan Edwards

Neoclassic Era ??”
Michel de Crevecoeur, William Bartram, Phyllis Wheatley, Philip Freneau
Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine

Romantic Era ??”
Washington Irving, William Cullen Bryant, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Methods of Organization for a Comparison/Contrast Paper:
Introduction: Thesis provides information regarding the works you are comparing/contrasting
Point One: First Subject
Point Two: Second Subject
Point Three: Comparison/Contrast of Subjects
Conclusion: Restatement of points

Introduction: Thesis provides information regarding the works you are comparing/contrasting
Point One: First Point, both subjects
Point Two: Second Point, both subjects
Point Three: Third Point, both subjects
Conclusion: Restatement of points

I would plan on about three-quarters of a page for the introduction, half a page for the conclusion, and about a page for each “point” in the outlines above.

Citing the work: you need only give the page number for any quote from a story and the line numbers from any quote form a poem. For your outside sources, you will need a Works Cited page. Give the author and page number (Brown 42) for any quote in the test; the full bibliographic information will appear on the Works Cited page. Follow MLA standards.

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