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Assignment Questions

Comparison of Events of The Great Depression and,The Great Recession

The Great Depression vs. The Great Recession

Compare these two historic events. Research these two topics, answer the question provided and provide a detailed analysis of what you have found. Use as many mediums as you can to convey your message. Use: stats, movies, radio shows, other pop culture mediums, print, advertising.

What was the culture like of the 1920s and of early 2000? What are some of the pop culture phenomenon that you can point out (think of movies, radio shows, print culture, and advertising)? Compare and contrast. What were some of the causes of both? Think about Fitzgerald?s? Winter Dreams and how his writing reflects this.
How did the wars (European and American) contribute to the culture prior to the 20s and to the great depression? Be specific about your causes.
What were the results of both? How did it affect the country?
What happened at the social level vs. the aristocratic level? Compare and contrast. Were there any long term or residual effects?
How did we (should we) fix the problem at hand based on the findings and information that we have can we fix our problem similarly to how the 30s generation dealt with it?

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