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Assignment Questions

Comparison of Legislative Acts Taken to Control Water Pollution

Compare and contrast the legislative approach taken to controlling water pollution from
industrial sources within Trinidad and Tobago and the European Union (EU). If your own
country does not have legislation in this area you are to compare the approach taken
within the EU with that taken in the United States of America (USA).

The aim of this assignment is to familiarise students with the administrative and
legislative control of environmental issues within their own country.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this assignment, you will ?
? Be familiar with the legislation currently enforced within your own country or state
dealing with the environment
? Understand the enforcement provisions made by your country or state to ensure the
legislation dealing with the environment is complied with
? Be able to critically evaluate your country or state?s legislation and/or enforcement
provision for the control of the environment.

General Instruction
The work is to be word-processed and appropriately referenced. It should be presented
in the form of a report and the length must not exceed 1500 words, excluding
appendices, bibliography, etc.

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