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Assignment Questions

Comparison Paper on Code of Ethics


1. Carefully read the code of ethics for each of the following two organizations:
? Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association ??” Once accessed, click on “ACA Code of Ethics and Other Ethics Resources.”
? Code of Ethics of the American Association of Christian Counselors ??” Once accessed, click on “Download Code of Ethics (Microsoft Word Document).”

2. Section One of your paper: Discuss the GENERAL similarities and differences in the these two ethics codes.

3. Section Two of your paper: Choose three (3) SPECIFIC areas from the list below and compare and contrast the two ethical codes in these areas.

Duties to Clients:
• Competence
• Confidentiality
• Conflict of Interest (Dual Roles)
• Danger
• Discrimination
• Exploitation
• Fees
• Informed Consent
• Measurements/Testing
• Protection
• Records
• Refusal of Treatment
• Sexual Intimacies
• Termination

Duties to the Profession:
• Colleague Relationships
• Continuing Education
• Personal Problems
• Referrals
• Reporting Colleagues
• Research/Publication
• Teaching/Training
• Techniques
• Relationship to Society
• Community Standards
• Fraud/Deception
• Governmental Law/Regulations

4. CAREFULLY review and adhere to the organizational stipulations described on the Code of Ethics Comparison Paper Grading Rubric.

Completed entire section.
Answers reflect an ability to think critically about the important themes in each section and a willingness to think deeply about the subject presented.
Answers are clearly stated.
Correct grammar.
Correct spelling.
Correct sentence structure.
Correct APA citations (if quotations of citations are used). Correct APA formatting.

Bibliography, Works Cited, or References pages because they are free.

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