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Assignment Questions

Complexities Associated With Project Management Designing

Prepare a 10 – 15 page paper describing a project that did not satisfy the project”s sponsor by meeting the scope, time, cost, and quality constraints. (The project has to only not meet one or more of the constraints.) The following headings need to be used for the paper. Subheadings can be used where appropriate.:
I. Scope Mgt.
. Scope Statement
. WBS(Work Breakdown Structure) (3 levels)
II. Time Mgt.
. Schedule development
. Gantt Chart (including milestone/ deleverables)
III. Cost Mgt.
. ROM-budet (Rough order of Magnitude Estimate)
IV. Quality Mgt.
. Testing
. Quality Control
. Juran
. Crosby
. Taguci
V. Human Resource Mgt.
. Organization planning
. Project Roles and Responsibilities
. Staff Acquisition
VI. Communication Mgt.
. Communication Plan
. Reports
. meeetings
. Memo”s
VII. Rsk Mgt.
. Risk Identification
. Risk Response Development (contingency plan)
VIII. Procurement Mgt.
. Procurement Plannig(Make Or uy Decision)
. Outsourcing task(s)? What & When
IX. Conclusion – evaluate and interpret the implications of the project, especially with respect to stated scope and objective of the project. You are encouraged to share your thoughts or impressions by examing and drawing inferences on the information documented in previous sections. Focus on what the paper has explored elaborate on the perceived oversights and what could have beendone to correct or prevent similar problems from occuring.

(This Paper can be on any project that can be easily accesed by the public.)

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