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Assignment Questions

Consequences of a college student cheating on exams

Objective: To prepare a causal-analysis essay of 750
to 1,000 words that incorporates definition and classification.

Topic: Consequences of a college student cheating on exams
Cheating comes in many varieties. Someone may copy a math
problem from another student?s assignment. Another might
pay a person to complete his homework for him. A common
reason for cheating is a desire to complete a course or program
quickly. Based on that reason (cause) for college students
cheating, analyze the effects of such cheating (what happens
as a result of the occurrence). Who is affected by the cheating
and how are they affected?

Pattern of Development: Causal analysis with definition
and classification

The essay must include a definition of the term cheating
in the writer?s own words. In addition, the writer must
classify the different effects resulting from a student?s
decision to cheat.

Purpose: The purpose is twofold:

? To express the writer?s feelings about the practice of
cheating on exams (primary purpose) based on the consequences
of another student cheating

? To inform readers about the topic (secondary purpose)

Audience: Distance-education students, such as those
enrolled in Penn Foster College, who may have considered
cheating on one or more of their exams.

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