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Assignment Questions

Contemporary Strategic Marketing


Read and analyze Case Study 15 in the textbook (Brennan, et al (2008) Contemporary Strategic Marketing, 2nd Ed) CocaCola: Challenges to Global Growth pp. 365 ? 373.
Use the guidelines in CHAPTER 12 ?Analyzing Strategic Marketing Case Studies? on pages 227-240.

After analyzing the case, address the following in your report:
1. Conduct a DEEPLIST + C global macro environmental analysis for Coca Cola, using the information in the case only. Conduct a SWOT for CocaCola as well.
(Hint: The ?O? and ?T? ? Opportunities and Threats should come from the microenvironment, and from the microenvironment (competitors +suppliers).

2. Create a chart of these factors that indicates the clarity, impact, probability and urgency of each. Provide a summation of each and then provide a short written summary at the bottom of the chart to indicate those that are the most urgent for CocaCola to manage and continue to manage in the years ahead. (Hint: See CHAPTER 5 in the textbook for how to build such a chart)

3. Next, provide examples of any or all Ansoff related investments/strategies that CocaCola has made, as outlined in the case, and/or any or all Porter?s generic strategies that CocaCola has followed as outlined in the case.
When completing part 3, be sure to:
i) State what type of strategy you believe it to be and why (e.g.: This is an example of a market development strategy?.this is an example of a differentiation strategy)
ii) Be SURE that you state what micro environmental, macro environmental and internal factors outlined in your parts 1 and parts 2 above that you believe Coca Cola was responding to in developing this strategy, and
iii) Be sure it is clear how they followed this strategy
iv) Provide a summary stating what you believe were CocaCola?s most successful strategies and why.

4. Using the Ansoff Matrix and other marketing strategy tools (promotion, pricing, place, etc), suggest three additional future strategies for Coca Cola, each of which is underpinned by Corporate Social Responsibility.
i) Justify how each of these three future strategies takes into account factors in the macro and micro environment you discussed in parts one and two.
ii) Justify how each of these strategies helps Coca Cola to deal with environmental threats and weaknesses you discussed above in parts one and two.
iii) Provide appropriate marketing mix tactics to support your chosen strategy (e.g.: For a market development strategy, state product, price level (low, medium, high/premium); distribution and promotional tactics)

5. Provide a brief update on CocaCola (approx 1 page). Your update should discuss such things as the company?s current market share; its rate of growth (in ?) estimates for this year and the next five; key challenges it has faced; product and market developments and new CSR initiatives. You will need to investigate at least five good sources of information (not simply newspaper articles) including market research reports, and you must reference these sources in the write-up using the proper referencing format.

6. You will need to provide a bibliography at the end of your report that lists all references and sources of information used in your report. The bibliography must be in the proper form.

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